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Welcome to the newly-evolved La Bonne Vivante website! It’s an exciting time looking forward to what the future brings and the perfect time for the website to grow into its true form.

Chasing Dreams…

This Summer marks FIVE full years in higher education (and in Liverpool!) in TWO renowned teaching institutions: Liverpool Medical School (established 1834) and LSTM (established 1898, the 1st institution in the world dedicated to research and teaching in tropical medicine).

Two years as a medical student gaining the theoretical knowledge underpinning medicine and Two years as a student doctor in scrubs learning the art of practicing medicine across the North West. I have had the privilege of learning from incredible supervisors at specialist hospitals and training centres. One year as a masters student learning the skills required to translate research evidence into policy and practice.

As each year has passed my friends have graduated, moved away and started their adult lives. This month marks such a significant period with my medical school colleagues graduating in their hard-earned gowns and throwing their caps in the air to swapping the medical student identity for walking down the wards with the honour of wearing stethoscopes around their necks and finally reaching doctor status. My masters colleagues are preparing the fly back to their home countries and have an impact on their local communities or to launch into their flourishing careers.

I have truly met some of the most inspiring and supportive people throughout this time who are incredibly talented. I may not be sure of when I will be re-united with my friends who have or now will be entering adult life, but I cannot wait to hear how their careers flourish.

On Top of the World, well Liverpool at least

As the dusk drew in and the summer heat simmered down, the world was still at the top of Cathedral tower. It was just me, myself and I. With the city that had become my one true love.

On a clear Summer’s night, I came up the tower at Liverpool Cathedral for its stunning panoramic views from the heart of the city.
This is the View from Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (largest in U.K.) towards Hope Street.
Hope street is connected by two cathedrals on either end (Metropolitan cathedral ca be seen in this image).

In the stillness I found myself drawn across the calming panoramic view, looking at each area that have been an important part in those five years and now had a particular meaning for me.

From the Knowledge Quarter…

can you see Hope Street, the Metropolitan cathedral and University of Liverpool campus behind?

I was particularly struck looking down Hope Street and beyond, in the direction of the Knowledge Quarter. The area that adopted me five years ago, fostered my skills and turned my passions into reality.

…To my apartment in the bustling inner city….

Can you see Lime Street, the Radio City Tower, and maybe even where you live?

…To my favourite Place, the Albert Docks & Waterfront.

Can you see the Albert Dock, the wheel, Echo arena, Panoramic 34, the UNESCO waterfront and beyond?

It was quite a poignant moment reflecting back from moving to the unknown at 18 years into becoming this distinct petite figure running across the streets she now calls home.

Wow it certainly feels like a transition period is coming my way.

Have you ever stood at a point in your life where you can feel so much change coming your way?

I am so excited for the opportunities and challenges that are coming my way and am willing so much positivity into existence.

Celebrating at Panoramic 34

For the many years that I have lived in Liverpool, Panoramic 34 has been on my wish list. My glamorous friend and I promised each other that we would just have to go at the end of our master’s year and of course, it would have to be for our favourite, Afternoon Tea! As we were both soon to be leaving Liverpool (and it was our birthday month!), this was the perfect time to take in the stunning waterfront views and to celebrate this stage in our lives.

Panoramic 34 celebrations with luxury Afternoon Tea

Beside our table stood the majestic iconic Liver building amongst the floating fluffy clouds on bright blue sunny day. The blues of the UNESCO waterfront faded into the clear skies in the distance.

Even Gravity can’t bring me down!

The dreamiest afternoon filled with sweet and savoury delights and the stunning blues of the shimmering waterfront against the bright blue skies.

Luxury Afternoon Tea at the Restaurant at Panoramic 34 in the West Tower (highest building in Liverpool)

It’s been five years in two renowned teaching institutions with a transition coming of stepping into a doctors shoes, but through out there has been one attitude ” I will win, it may not be immediate but it is definite.” Celebrating one step towards the future, because all progress is significant.

©Beyond the White Coat 2021
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