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The Balmain Army: It’s time to enlist! (Limited Edition Lipstick Collection)
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The Balmain Army: It’s time to enlist! (Limited Edition Lipstick Collection)

The rise of female #squadgoals from the L’Oreal beauty Squad reflecting a diverse range of modern females to the VS Angels embodying confidence + femininity, to our own #squad moments… Is it time for your #squad enlist in the Balmain Army?

Introducing the L’oreal Balmain Lipstick Collection

Balmain’s typical drama + glamour squeezed into an opulent, affordable, pigmented lipstick easy to pop in your bag and pop on for those #girlboss moments.

A lot of people love Balmain but can’t afford it, and with the lipstick they can get into the Balmain universe in an affordable way,” he said. “I create a world that is expensive because with Balmain it’s luxury, but if you think of my ideas and ideologies it’s more than a price on the clothes. The lipsticks are about bringing that universe to people, it’s important.”

Olivier Rousteing for Vogue

“Two of the greatest Parisian institutions have joined forces for a coup de force”


“The reason we made them like this is because we wanted to talk to so many women of all agesall colours and all backgroundsDifferent social groups, you know?”

​ “It’s combining the Balmain Army and the L’Oréal Paris family. L’Oréal Paris feels like the right partner because we believe in the same things. I’d say three things. First, the savoir faire, which means couture to me. Second, diversity, because this is a topic that is really important to me. And third, modernity. So it’s a great creative collaboration.”

Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director, Balmain Paris

What I LOVE about the Lipsticks

Rich matte shades created with a formula that is infused with pure pigments and camelia oil, to give the richest colour and most moisturising matte finish. The variety in shades and hues to complement what I’m embodying on particular days from the subtle allure of CONFESSION to the sultry DOMINATION,  to eye popping FREEDOM & striking REBELLION, or the wild BALMAIN INSTINCT.

Limited Edition Collection

This limited Edition Collection has been divided into Three Tribes, comprising of Four Lipsticks each: Glamzone, Couture and Rock. Totaling Twelve lipstick shades ,and so Twelve Muses, there is something here for everyone.


Green Marble for a GLAMZONE in touch with natural safari tones.

“The Glamazon offerings look to our runways’ love of women warriors- our Balmain Army, of course- as well as themes of adventure and safari, which have inspired so many of my collections.

The tones come from the earth, recalling the intensity and beauty of the Amazon jungle, the never-ending desert, the spectacular rock of the American West”

Oliver Rousteing, Creative Director, Balmain Paris


Daring Malachite for edgy rock

“Anyone who knows me knows I can’t separate music from fashion. These Rock four shades reflect themes that have been important both in recent shows and in my life (and what really makes music inspiring for me) – breaking rules, rebelling and always remaining true to yourself.”

Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director, Balmain Paris


Sophisticated Onyx for glamorous couture

“The Couture selection celebrates Balmain’s historic couture origins and the glamour that has been associated with this house ever since M. Balmain first opened his atelier. As modern as today’s silhouette may be, my team and I never forget our roots and always rely on our incredible archives for inspiration.”

Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director, Balmain Paris

What I LOVE about this Campaign

This collection from Balmain key message of female empowerment runs behind
the entire campaign down to the very small detail of the name on each lipstick.  I love the badass and bold names for each and every lipstick in this range. The campaign videos and images include strong females depicted in a powerful way from diverse backgrounds.

Lara Stone, Neelam Gill, Ysaunny Brito and Soo Joo Park are just a few to name!

Rousteing has been true to his word about diversity and whilst each tribe caters for the different muses we all are, it certainly caters for different skin tones as well…

..or as Rousteing suggests  for
” every kind of colour and continent and culture”

How could I not feel positively glamorous with such a HAUTE POUTE?

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