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Victoria Magrath
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Victoria Magrath

Victoria Macgrath, the glamorous lady behind the IN THE FROW brand, has had one spectacular year. Highly educated in her Field & Passionate about Fashion,  Victoria encapsulates all things #boss

Why Victoria?

Unapologetically Feminine & Stylish
Kind & Incredibly Positive
Intelligent & Passionate about her niche
Ahead of the ‘Game’ & Paving the Way!


 Quick scroll through her social media, and her voice carries a message far beyond clothes. With a global audience who are eager to stay up to date with the latest trends, it would be easy to just shoot in glamorous clothes. But Victoria uses her voice to INSPIRE. With her roots from the Manchester region (yipee!), Victoria positively represents the northern ladies down south in the vibrant city of London.

Paving her way to sucesss…

Victoria’s pursuit of fashion and passion began long before the founding of her blog & brand ‘In the Frow’. With a Fashion PhD and Career as a Fashion Marketing Lecturer at the University of Manchester under her belt, Victoria is in the perfect position to anticipate & act.

In the modern world of Fashion Influencers,
Victoria’s thoughts are unique and are
not just based on the evolving trends in the fashion bubble but also her experience and academia



  • A World-Wide Audience following her brand
  • Multiple awards & Recognitions for her work
  • Brand ambassador for Thomas Sabo & L’oreal Paris
  • Numerous Collaborations
  • A Collection with Strathberry
  • Author to ‘the new fashion rules’
  • Jetsetter:  Bora Bora, Venice, Paris, Milan, London, New York, Vancouver, Sicily, Ibiza, Lapland, Bermuda, Amsterdam, Rome, St Lucia, Austria, Cannes, Mumbai, Jaipur, Maldives, Iceland (& more!)
  • #VuelioBlogAwards: Best UK Blog 2018 winner
  • #VuelioBlogAwards: Best Women’s Fashion Blog 2018

What Did you Want to do Growing Up?

The Future

“what are you most excited about for 2019?”
“The Wedding!” 

a VERY EXCITED Victoria squeals


Now it would only be fair to include ALEX 

known best as the sweet fiancé who carried around the ring for 6 months for the ‘perfect’ proposal, BUT Alex plays a large role behind the scenes

A key member of Team FROW, Alex’s photography skills beautifully capture the essence of Victoria’s messages as well as her beauty.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear Alex took up photography only as IntheFrow grew and eventually left his job to join the team.  Alex’s photography skills are outstanding in composition, detail and quality… he may even be the ultimate #GuyBoss to accompany this #GirlBoss

For the Dreamers…


For the Creators…


For the Doers…


“Let’s all be Girl Bosses, or Bosses, create and own our own destiny, never let anyone hold us back from chasing our dreams and constantly strive to be the best version of ourselves we could ever be.

We can all be powerful, confident and successful. More determined, inspired and motivated.

​We just need to believe in ourselves more and realise that we can all be a Girl Boss, if we want to be.

Victoria Macgrath at in her dedicated post  
GIRL BOSS: The Rise of the Super Woman

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