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Curate your Wardrobe: Chic & Powerful
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Curate your Wardrobe: Chic & Powerful

When the Gorgeous Victoria Magrath announces the release of her new book and the chance to spend the evening with her at the beautiful Manchester central Library, you know I’m going to be there! Of Course, true to the topic of the book and my own love for fashion, It’s going to be in style!

Fast Fashion and Sustainability

In her book, Victoria explores how  rapidly the fashion industry has had to evolve due to the advent of technology. With the rise of social media, online shopping, apps, influencers and more, ‘the new fashion rules’ are no longer dictated by magazines like Vogue or Haute Couture Houses, but the ‘normal’ girl in your lecture/work/instagram feed who styles pieces together in her own unique way and is admired by those around her. ​ The world of fashion influence has changed.

With the advent of technology, updating your wardrobe is easy, almost too easy! How many of us feel compelled to browse online and with the click of a button, buy a new outfit for an upcoming event or even a night out?!

Victoria notes the effects on the environment and its sustainability in her book, the New Fashion Rules.

My not so secret love for Monochrome

Curate your Wardrobe

I personally prefer to invest in pieces I know I will LOVE to wear again and so I am a huge advocate for you to “curate a wardrobe you love.”

Resisting the impulse to buy any pretty item in store or online is harder than trying not finish a box of maltesers!

I will be showing you the items I pulled out my wardrobe for this event with the one item I invested in this time.

My Power blazer

​A staple in my wardrobe for the days I want to feel powerful.
 Classically black, with edgy leather detailing & chic gold detailing

The ‘Envelope’ Clutch

Successfully ‘Envelopes’ everything I could possibly need, this is the LBD of the bag compartment, everyone needs this.  In this case, it is PERFECT with the leather and suede contrast similar to my blazer!

Accessories: Classic Watch

I love Coast Jewellery. It is a fact. 
When I saw this statement piece in store, I knew it would add a wow factor, and whilst I didn’t have anything to wear it for at the time, I knew it just suited my style… and so a day would come when I would wear it!

Accessories: Classic Watch

A good watch is versatile. 
You can it wear to your next academic presentation, conference or cocktails after work event.
​Hell, you can wear it to a book event, party or whenever you want to!

Those’ Boots: the ones that make you feel incredible

I looked at these boots each winter season in River Island for FOUR YEARS.

Yup, it took me 4 seasons to decide if over the knee boots were my thing. ​BTW: They definitely are

The Investment Piece: Tweed Short Playsuit


This Playsuit is simply perfection: simple enough to wear for a ‘working’ day

a touch of glam with the button details easy to dress up with accessories to take it Day-to-Night (bonus: no risk of my shirt untucking)

When to Invest in an Item:

you really love it
* you know you will wear it again
​* it  perfectly suits your style

* it is high quality to rewear again & again…
* it’s THE missing item in your wardrobe

Otherwise, give it some time, if you think about it later outside the shop, it may be worth it!

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your curated wardrobe


The Suit-style Dress


The Pinstripe JumpSuit

What are your feelings on fast fashion? Is it time for you to curate your #girlboss wardrobe?

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