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Living the “ICON.INC” Life
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Living the “ICON.INC” Life

Summer Life at the ICON.INC ASCENT in Liverpool

For those of us who strive to live our best lives and become our best selves.

Please Note: This post is NOT sponsored. LBV paid in full for the summer tenancy. This is only an account of LBV’s experiences.

A Very Lucky Rescue

June… the end of examinations, the smell of sweet freedom in the air and long days of relaxation and recovery in the glorious British Sunshine. If only I had a Summer break! As I was swept in sheets of research papers and avidly typing away at my laptop for my dissertation, I was quickly brought into the reality of juggling the end of Masters degree and the immediate return to Medical School by an email. I was to move base hospitals out of the city for my final year so I couldn’t renew my tenancy! EEK! I needed Summer Accommodation FAST! A quick flurry of emails that evening to any and every accommodation block I could find online and the ICONINC swept in to my rescue. No other accommodation block had availability for Summer, and so when the ICONIC team suggested a viewing the next day at any time of my choosing, I jumped at the chance.

Twenty-Four hours later, a quick friendly tour by ICONINC’s Pete, some swift paperwork with Lucy and I was excited TO MOVE.

ICON INC presents the ASCENT in LIVERPOOL: a luxury 13-storey building in the heart of the city catering to young, aspirational students.

Live like an ICON

A beautiful blend between a boutique hotel and student accommodation, the ICONIC ASCENT in LIVERPOOL is an inspired concept to allow residents to live the luxurious life they want to live.

The ICON INC ASCENT building is located in the heart of Liverpool allowing you to experience the hustle & bustle the city offers with a quick step out of the door. I’ve loved being able to pop out during dissertation-writing for a short walk around the Royal Albert Dock, which is on the Lonely Planets Ultimate UK Travel List and down the Liverpool WaterFront (an UNESCO site). This great location allowed me to break up my day into productive chunks, where I could attend my yoga classes at Hailey Coxon’s Studio on the docks at mid-day, before returning to a productive afternoon of working.

LBV’S Experience

“As a seasoned student in my FIFTH year of studying, this is the first time that I have seen or experienced a student accommodation block that delivers.

Often student blocks with similar in-apartment features have great rooms but are very much isolating, with contractors aiming to fill the space with as many rooms as possible to gain revenue and not much genuine social space (and no, a dull room with a couch does not count as social space!). Or you think you have the ideal accommodation until you move in and find management lacking, and any small issues in your room become a nightmare to resolve. So it is safe to say I have had my fair share of it ALL in the past five years, from no heating, no hot water and mice to isolating studio apartments in “amazing” buildings.

My Time at the ICONIC ASCENT may have been short but they certainly made sure it was sweet, delivering above and beyond expectations .

If there is one thing the ICONINC ASCENT has proven, it’s that incredible accommodation is achievable and you don’t have to settle for anything else.”

Inspirational Quotes on the Walls of the ICON.INC to motivate & inspire!


Apartments come in a range of sizes from Smart, Elegance to Grande; all with en-suite bathrooms (with huge showers!), individual modern kitchenettes, spacey king-size beds and study desks. All apartments are ALL-INCLUSIVE for an incredible range of facilities across the TWELVE FLOORS.

If this was not enough, there are additional perks too: free continental breakfast in the lounge, free phone calls within apartments, complimentary fresh produce to top up your kitchen cupboards on Fridays and a fantastic events calendar that has included complimentary massages, picnics and a trip to a theme park during my short stay!

Let’s Tour the ICON INC life…

Ground Level
  • LOUNGE with 24/7 HOT DRINKS

ImagineWaking up early in the morning, ready and raring to go for your day ahead. Quickly pulling on your favourite patterned leggings and gym-wear and hopping in to the lift down to the ground floor GYM. Whether it was a cardio, weights or a functional work, it’s easy to fit in your gym session at a time convenient to you. Walking across to the lounge for a complimentary continental breakfast of freshly baked toast & jam, cereals or even pastries. A quick pop into the pantry to grab a snack for later, or maybe to the 24 hour concierge to pick up your parcel, and then your whizzing back up to your apartment for a long, steamy shower.

Level One
  • Apartments 1-16

Relaxing in the SAUNA & STEAM ROOM in the evening…

after a brilliant GYM session with a booked Personal Trainer

… after coming home from a busy day of lectures, group-work or presentation for some self-care. The perfect evening routine to a good nights sleep.

Level Two
  • Apartments 17-32

Inviting all your friends over at the weekend for a movie night in your very own private cinema room. The big question is who will get an exclusive invite?! I’ve used the cinema room for a fun evening with Msc friends mid-dissertation to unwind as well as with my cousins when they visited!

Movie Night: Mr & Mrs Smith
Floor Three
  • FLOOR THREE: Apartments 33-48
Level Four
  • Apartments 49-64
Level Five
  • Apartments 65-80
Level Six
  • Apartments 81-96
Pizza Night in the Private Dining Room
Level Seven
  • Apartments 97-112
Level Eight
  • Apartments 113-128,
Private Dining Room
Level Nine
  • Apartments 129-144

Now, it’s all been fun and games up to this point, but inevitably chasing dreams requires work… EFFICIENT WORK… and what could be more efficient than an in-house library lounge? The perfect location to focus on your assignments, revise for exams or avidly type your dissertation if you’re like me. The BIG PERK with this is taking short breaks to wonder down to the lower ground level LOUNGE with free hot drinks, to fuel your caffeine or hot choco needs!

Level Ten, Eleven and Twelve
  • Apartments 145-198
An Example of an Apartment

Life at the ICON INC is designed for those of us who

Strive to live our best lives and become our best selves.

©Beyond the White Coat 2021
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