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Why Travel?
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Why Travel?

As I watched the city fade away into specks of bright lights,
I already knew I had done the best thing yet in my twenties..

Life can get chaotically busy and insular…

Travelling has the beautiful ability  to remove us from the familiar and drop us into the unfamiliar, where our five senses are heightened  &  paths open for discovery.

I need moments like this. 

To remind me how big the world is out there and how small I am. 

​​It humbles me.

Flying itself is a feat achieved by man but seeing the civilisations we have created,
the varying cultures we live yet the experiences we share that are somehow unanimous in all our lives. 

It teaches me why I continue to challenge myself, to create and pursue dreams.

 It reminds me why I wake up in the morning, why I chose what I do, but more importantly it puts life in perspective.

It emphasizes the lives all around us, living amongst us whether similarly or entirely different.

​It’s moments like this that bring life full circle.  

Because this is life. 

La Bonne Vivante

Sometimes, you just have to

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