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Welcome to my Room…
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Welcome to my Room…

Come in, Come in…

 A playful tune plays in the air, as a little carrousel spins around,  a sparkling corner of jewels & pearls glistens to your eyes, take a seat in your own garden of flowers…..

Welcome to my Room!

For the past two years,  I have made my room a little haven away from the chaotic world.

with draping flower fairy lights to glistening mirrors,
this room perfectly depicts everything I love…

… and so it was with a heavy heart, that I had to say goodbye and place my first few items into boxes.

As this chapter in Liverpool ends, ​and my clinical placements move to a new base, packing my boxes felt like a significant moment in my university years
& dare I say it, progress in this long medical degree!

Come inside and take a tour of my beloved room


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