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Recommends: Make-up Mistakes to Avoid
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Recommends: Make-up Mistakes to Avoid

Beautiful, Charming and hilariously Sassy…

Ali Andrea won me over in this one video, sharing her wisdom as a professional make up artist in “Make-up mistakes to avoid”

As I was enjoying my rare day of freedom , I stumbled across this video by Ali Andreea on youtube.

​Oh My Gosh
I could not say or show any of this better than the lady herself!!!

La Bonne Vivante (LBV)

Rethink your Make-up Bag…

I see so many ladies wearing makeup poorly (as shown in the video below), especially as the media flaunt heavily processed images with models layered in makeup, & naturally that is what many people think look best!

I equally hear too many ladies who pour their purses out at make-up counters, and are then unhappy with the results they see at home!

But rather than blame the makeup brand you bought, maybe it’s simply the way you apply it?​
This is where Andreea Ali can help!!! ​

In a world of Baking, Strobing, Contouring & what ever else that is to come,
I am a big believer in wearing make up to simply accentuate your best features! 

show me your gorgeous eyes with a pop of colour on your eyelids, accentuate your naturally defined cheek bones,
​complete your look with the oh-so-perfect shade of lipstick

Invest in yourself & what is in your make up bag  BUT also invest in the knowledge of how to make it work for you!

La Bonne Vivante, LBV

What do you think of Ali Andreea’s pearls of wisdom? What are yours?

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