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Life in Lockdown: Wellness at Home
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Life in Lockdown: Wellness at Home

Liverpool. The bustling northern city, filled with friendly faces and kind, warm gestures. The fierce culture of support for independents that has seen a flourishing food scene. The home of two football clubs. The women known for their glamour and curly blowdries. The acoustic music that filled Church Street as shoppers passed by. The fun (and dangerous!) nights out with blazing music on the cobblestones around concert square. Liverpool. A city defined by its people. A city that is STILL defined by its people.

Today, I’m sharing some WONDERFUL people who are using their time to share their skills with us in Lockdown! They are encouraging us to move our bodies to release endorphins, tantalise our tastebuds in our homes and develop our wellbeing.

This could be the perfect time to try something new,

safe in the comfort of your own home.

Note: This is NOT a paid post. There is NO financial gain from any of these recommendations. I can confirm that I have tried each recommendation myself, at my own cost when relevant.

Harriet Mcguffie Fitness Studio & Personal Trainer Team

Harriet Mcguffie, the fun, energetic trainer with a wealth of experience and fitness knowledge. I first met Harriet 6 years ago at the beginning of university and regularly attended her challenging HIIT class. I would be lying if I told you I had not admired her sculpted body whilst wondering how I would survive the last 20 minutes of those classes. I did survive. I did more than survive, I thrived! I became a regular in those classes, and within a month I felt incredible.

Six years later, I was delighted to discover Harriet has her own fitness studio. I recently joined her studio before lockdown for training ( with Rikki Armstrong) to focus on my personal fitness needs post-injury.

Harriet’s team are all providing free live workouts throughout the week to join in from home! Regardless of your schedule, fitness level or equipment at home you can join in. Choose to exercise in a manner that is right for your body and schedule with HIIT and yoga classes. Follow her instagram page for updates on the schedule!

Richie Swan & GymBird

Trainer at Harriet McGuffie Fitness Studio and Rise Cycle Studio, Richie Swan already had a cult following before his lockdown kitchen workouts! Join him in his kitchen on IG live at 10am daily for HIIT body-weight workouts. They are sure to get your sweaty, but in the comfort of your own home, no will see you jumping up red-in-the-face.

Richie also hosts a podcast called “girlgaygym” with his close friend and fitness fiend, the GymBird.

On Sunday, they are hosting a full-day virtual event with fitness workouts, cook along demonstrations and talks. A great opportunity to focus on your own wellbeing in different ways!

Natalie @barre.balance

Barre Balance takes fitness at a very different pace to other online classes, by focusing on small controlled movements inspired by ballet fused with yoga/pilates. Natalie is a brilliant instructor making each movement look graceful, yet I can promise you that you will feel a gentle burn and wobble in your legs.

I trained with Natalie as part of my recovery after a car accident when my mobility was limited and was thrilled when she opened her studio in central Liverpool. A success story of dedication, hard work and literal sweat! Natalie is providing online live and pre-recorded classes in a special online membership during lockdown. All classes have been adapted to use household items such as a tall chair as your bar!

Maray dishes at Home

Maray has been tantalising tastebuds in Liverpool with its small dishes in its restaurants on Bold Street and at the Royal Albert Dock. A few of my person favourites include the Disco Cauliflower and F.H.T (Falafel, hummus/harrissa, tabbouleh). I have been known to ask to sit at the bold street bar “for one dish and only one dish” to satisfy my cravings for the F.H.T when the restaurant is fully booked!

The joint cook-along with Maray and Richie Swan, had us laughing in our kitchens, whilst making a Disco Cauli over the Easter bank holiday weekend. They have also shared their falafel recipe on their IG so take a look for some culinary ideas!

Hailey Cox

Mindset and Motivational coach, Hailey’s IG lives are cheerful, positive and up-beat. Hailey has featured on my blog when I focused on physical and mental recovery after a car accident. Hailey’s meditation style is soothing and calming, and I leave each session feeling grounded, positive and capable going back out in the world. Hailey’s Instagram lives considers wellbeing holistically, encouraging us as a community to join her lives, bringing in special guests and next week she is launching a lockdown wellbeing programme. In Hailey’s words, “Build your Gratitude Attitude!”

I hope you, my lovely readers, are adjusting to life in lockdown and find that some of the fitness/cooking/wellbeing sessions are useful additions to your days!

A special thank you to the Harriet McGuffie Team, Richie Swan/GymBird Team, BarreBalance, Maray and Hailey Cox for sharing their skills with us. All of whom work in industries directly affected by the lockdown closures and uncertainties of the times. Your time, effort and skills are recognised.

Natalia LBV

How are you finding life in lockdown?

What has helped you improve your wellbeing in recent weeks?

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