Well-Being & Reflection

20 Lessons for 2020

I am delighted to welcome the intelligent, creative & beautiful Tabitha Musa as a Guest Writer on Beyond the White Coat. I instantly connected with Tabitha’s bubbly spirit through our shared passion about people, purpose and harnessing the power of your potential.

Pandemic Diary: Stepping into the White Coat

Dr Natalia reflects on journey since stepping into the “White Coat” and shares the wins!

Living Authentically

I am a great believer in designing the life that YOU want to live. It…

Life in Lockdown: Wellness at Home

Liverpool. The bustling northern city, filled with friendly faces and kind, warm gestures. The fierce…

Health, Wellness & Fitness at the Albert Docks

At the One Health Whole You Pop-Up Studio, Royal Albert Docks, Liverpool Summer Membership was…