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The Balmain Army: VS Collaboration
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The Balmain Army: VS Collaboration

Rousteing’s vision to change the world, infiltrates deeper than his background and his own success but to his own ‘muses’, of which he invites us to embody…

​“ A woman who is going to wear Balmain is a warrior.
The women I dress are powerful, they are strong, they are women who are going to change the world.​”

Olivier Rousteing


From small glimpses into the outfits to come in the VS Show, it’s clear that VS is certainly making a change gone are the feminine delicate pieces. BALMAIN are bringing their signature design elements of black leather, studs, statement-making shoulders and a sexy silhouette.

Olivier about the Collaboration

VS about the Collaboration

Whilst I myself may not be the most likely to wear PUNK, I’m certainly excited to see this change + progress in the VS Show. I look forward to seeing how Rousteing incorporates glamour + couture for the show.

I am IN LOVE with the monochrome dress with intricate gold detailing enhancing your figure but sophisticated.

& so with the recent collaborations,
it seems that Rousteing invites us to join the world of Balmain…
luxurious, bold couture-inspired pieces for powerful women…


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