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Elemis Brighten Solutions for HyperPigmentation
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Elemis Brighten Solutions for HyperPigmentation

My teenage years have given me a host of memories-
both mischievous and fun! But, unfortunately they have also left me with one thing I’d rather not. Hyper-pigmentation post inflammatory skin break outs.

As I wondered on to the Elemis Skin Care Bus at the British Style Collective, I came across their specialist kit. Could a regime really show results in week?


BENEFITS: Brightens, Revitalises, Perfects
Essentials to brighten dull and pigmented skin
​with an uneven tone revealing a more unified, clearer complexion. 

Ideal for uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and dark spots


Full-Size white brightening Tone Cleanser

White Brightening Even Tone Serum (10ml)

Cellular Recovery SkinBliss Capsules (14 capsules, 1 week)

Full Size Papaya Enzyme Peel (2-3 x week)

My Thoughts on the Products…


Surprisingly, this has become a firm favourite & looks like it is here to stay in my skincare routine. I love how it comes out of the pump as foam, lathers over my skin and has the loveliest subtle smell. I was advised that this cleanser shouldn’t be relied up on to fully remove makeup & have adopted a double cleaning routine. I personally don’t mind taking some extra time to look after my skin as I’ve always believed in looking after the things that will carry you through life: skin, feet (i.e. shoes), back (i.e. bed!)”

1) In Double Cleansing, each product can focus exactly on delivering what you need. The first will fully remove dirt and make-up. The second prepares & primes the skin to absorb products applied soon after.
2) A double cleansing routine allows skincare products to be absorbed and penetrate the skin better. This helps the products you use act more effectively and in turn, delivers results to you faster!

La Bonne Vivante

White Brightening Tone Serum

As a light serum, this product glided over my skin. It is quite difficult to find serums/moisturisers that  don’t offend the balance of my skin & oh my, my skin can retaliate! I was almost expecting a flare up… but thankfully this ​even worked on my sensitive skin!”

La Bonne Vivante

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

“This was the part of the kit that I was truly apprehensive of.  Lathering precious oils into my combination skin?  This seemed like a a disaster waiting to happen… wouldn’t my skin just look oily or worse, breakout?

Well, it seems like I’m trying a facial oil & not just one but two!

There are 2 capsules: rose in the morning, lavender at night. I really loved the lavender capsules, but the smell of the rose capsules was quite over powering for me.

 As I was somewhat weary,  I had ensured I started this routine during a quiet week at home, worried that others might think my skin looked shiny. Rightly so, my skin didn’t seem to absorb the oils for the first two days despite being so dry. But by the third day, the oils blended into my skin almost immediately and dare I say it, even gave it this gorgeous natural glow!

Advice from the Elemis Counter:
1.  Oil is often seen as the enemy to skin, but it may actually be nature’s helping friend. Stripping your skin of oils, only results in your skin attempting to compensate and produce more.  This opposite effect may be overcome by providing a sufficient amount to be absorbed into your skin.

2. For those who struggle with moisturizers like myself, facial oils can help maintain the skin’s balance whilst softening your skin.
​3. Gentle massage of facial oils stimulates the micro-circulation to your skin, enhancing repair and maintenance of your skin.
​4. The act of using facial oils is very therapeutic. It is the perfect way to end an evening feeling calm and relaxed.

La Bonne Vivante

Papaya Enzyme Peel

If there is one thing that is big in skincare, it is exfoliators. It is the one thing that both a skincare expert and a typical twenty-something year old turn to to revive skin. ​Few realise how important it is to have a good exfoliator. Many are overly aggressive and do more damage than good.

This Papaya Enzyme Peel is natural yet effective. I love the creamy texture that makes exfoliation a luxurious experience rather than an odd tingling feeling.

This is a keeper… but as with any exfoliator, stick to 2-3 uses a week. 

La Bonne Vivante

The Results

Please be aware that this regime is likely to draw out any impurities in your skin at the beginning, which may appear as if you are breaking out. I’d recommend sticking through with it, as these quickly subsides to glowing skin!

My Thoughts

I’m happy with the results that I have seen in this week and I will be keeping the cleanser, serum and papaya enzyme mask in my skincare routine for now!

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