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Hair Transformation: To a little Princess from a Rapunzel
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Hair Transformation: To a little Princess from a Rapunzel

After 4 years of delicate care of my water-falling waist length hair,  it was time I said Goodbye to my Rapunzel hair for another little Princess in the land…

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair…

Her dark brown hair falls of her shoulders delicately and waterfalls down to her hips,
swishing gently as she walks past, 
the gentle breeze blows aside the cloak to reveal a glimpse of her face…

The sun’s rays catch her hair in the distance,
glowing with subtle brown shades running through it’s whole length..

but as my 21st birthday approached, I felt an urge for something new, flirty & fun!

The Reality of Rapunzel Hair

My statement feature for the last 4 years has been my waterfall hair.  Oh how I loved it… the glamorous occasions that let my hair loose, the versatility that long hair brings! But there was so much more behind the scenes to make such long hair look effortless & healthy.

the amount of shampoo & conditioner I have used!
the weight of wet hair showering… eeek!
the amount of time it takes to dry
& don’t get me started on the knots!!!
(the worst horror story you could possibly imagine)

Off to the Little Princess’ Trust

I was so scared when I finally sat down in front of the hairdresser and very nearly bolted! I am so glad I didn’t! As soon as as the first plait was cut, I could see how much this length suited me and fell in love. My head literally feels lighter & I love doing my L’oreal style hair flicks.

Twenty One was the time for City Chic!

©Beyond the White Coat 2021
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