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Feeling 22…reflecting on a year of moments for me
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Feeling 22…reflecting on a year of moments for me

​Sometimes you have just got to dance around your room with your music on high and have just as much fun if not more than on a night out. And for a considerable amount of timeyes that will now be Taylor swift’s 22.

Yes I’m totally raving in my room like I described above!
​ Followed by my favourite striped silk pyjamas, the fluffiest alpaca socks & a hot mug of coco snuggled in bed.

Feeling twenty-two

The year between 21 and 22, may seem small, a little spec in the years when I’m old and grey, but it truly has been a momentous year. It has required sheer grit, determination and resilience to continue focusing on my dreams and goals with the last hurdle of my medical school journey in sight.

On that journey,  I embraced the things that I truly enjoy doing , however boring or uncool it may seem.  I made sure to make myself a priority. To ensure I didn’t just take breaks but I actually lived my life. To me, that appreciation of self care is just as important, if not more than my perseverance as it allowed me to be happier, healthier and more confident.

Day vs Night
Yes, Surprise, Surprise…

Plain grey scrubs, comfortable trainers, minimal makeup if any all

Hair Down and Heels on!

This girl goes from scraped back buns & scrubs by day to full on glamorous at night!

Chasing dreams in heels 

Here, I encourage us to “have it all” , to chase our dreams, have fun and enjoy ourselves through the figure of la bonne vivante

However, it is unrealistic to expect too much of ourselves, to spread ourselves too far and too push that bit too hard. Burn out is real obstacle to many of us passionate and motivated individuals. After all, it is our passion that drove us to work so hard in the first place. However, knowing yourself and adopting a more kind lifestyle can help avoid overstepping the fine line.

“Some days I need to be busy & push hard at the gym to outrun the day I have experienced and release any built up negativity. Some days my body is tired & needs to relax, so I slow down at bodybalance or take a swim in the outdoor pool. Other days, I just want to follow my heart, and so I took up barre! Personally for me, exercise in some form or another is crucial for my physical health and well-being.”

La Bonne Vivante

Growth is a positive step and sometimes it’s healthy to strip backre evaluate and build your life surrounded by your own priorities. ​

Your moment is now

The perfect timing. The perfect moment. The perfect life. 
I think we can all relate that our lives are far from perfect, however gorgeous we appear on social media

“On my way back from a lovely meal in the heart of Liverpool,  the heavens opened to  a downpour of heavy rain. I stood just under cover at the edge of St. Peter lane, and watched the water lash down onto the pavements. There was no way I was going to make it home with my grey evening coat modestly dry, my hair straight and any remanent  of makeup. So I simply decided to embrace it. There I was, a blurred grey smudge through the rain twirling around and hopping past the puddles to anyone passing by. I might have looked mad, but oh how I felt alive. ​”

La Bonne Vivante

Sometimes the best moments are when you don’t hold back & just enjoy the moment.​

Make everyday Special

There is a common attitude of waiting that so many of us have inadvertently adopted, as if life can be put on hold while we get something done….

How recent was the last time you said you were waiting for a deadline to pass? To submit the project? For the weekend? 

We are holding out for something wonderfully exciting to happen, that incredible moment to remember.

Remember your mum protecting that special China set as if her life depended on it? ​Saving that special dress for a future party (that you are yet to be invited to!)

Why do we confine ourselves to only enjoying really lovely things on particular days

“I bought a pair of gorgeous heels, completely sparkly with a gorgeous gradient effect.
Only I had absolutely nowhere to showcase them… no partys, no dinners, it was peak revision season. And so they sat proudly on my desk. And occasionally on dull days that needed a little sparkle, you’ve guessed it, I sat at my computer wearing the most glamorous shoes a girl could wear to revise. Because I could. “

(Never stand between a lady and her heels, you’ll be damned to try) ​

Live in the present

There is no denying that things on here have been quiet. There is this unspoken pressure on social media of being visible to appear interesting. To make it appear that we are always busy, always having fun, in the most stylish clothing and photogenic way. ​

Sometimes I just prefer to live in the present, in that imperfect moment.

It’s sneaking across the car park in your pjs with a hot drink in hand, to catch up with your friend before bed. A small part of my day that she fills with uplifting conversation and relaxed laughter. That escape from the world can make me far happier than a quick catch up  in a coffee shop with a mug, trying to decide a photo angle for the ‘gram

 Dropping that pressure to document for everyone else to see on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc can be such a relief. ​

Share your time with your circle

As someone pinned to her planner and schedule, social media is perfect to ‘stay in the loop’ and catch a glimpse of exciting things in your friends lives. I find though, it merely updates you.

​ I value human connection, and actually talking (in person, on call, Skype) is so simple yet refreshing.  I can appreciate that sometimes the likes, comments,  texts give the illusion of “staying connected”. Whilst we are all busy with our own commitments, to me, it is important to spend time with people in your circle and enjoy life when it’s bliss

La Bonne Vivante

So whilst I have been away living on a hospital site, working towards exams and being surrounded by medical notes, there have been plenty of moments beyond this. I simply decided to focus on what I needed for me, and I am so much better for it and more invigorated to be here with you now. 

A life of beautifully imperfect moments

I want to encourage you to live for each and every day.
To do the little things that just add that little sparkle to your eyes.   ​

And so I leave you where I was at beginning, sat in my striped silk pyjamas & fluffy alpaca socks at 22 years young with a cupful of wisdom for navigating our twenties. What’s important to you? “

©Beyond the White Coat 2021
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