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HAUTE COUTURE: the Balmain Woman
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HAUTE COUTURE: the Balmain Woman

If there is one Haute Couture brand that has dominated our attention this year, it is Balmain. With the rise of the Balmain muse from Rousteing’s vision into the formidable Balmain Army,  this alone was hard to miss. Now with collaborations with Parisian Beauty Organisation L’Oreal and Global Lingerie Giant Victoria’s Secret, Balmain invites us to enlist in the Balmain Army. Will you?

The Balmain Woman

​Heads turn as they hear the click of the 6 inch heel striking a signal of her oncoming path.​

To observers, she is a modern-day glamorous gladiator prepared for battle,
the epitome of strength as she glides across the streets,
adorned in her stylish armour expressing her power,
driven by her own philosophies and dreams, 
she is prepared to fight against the world to show her own rules.
Modern Muse of strength + power, she walks the streets across the world
She is the Balmain woman.

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The Balmain Army

Beside her stands an army of women,  all gladiators of their own formbattling through the fast-pace of modern life,
 dressed in Chic, Bold clothing accentuating their features from the masses,
there is a power + strength that resonates throughout such a clique.

Yet, each is as different as the other & are bound only by ideology, 
for they are determined  to get what they want. An Army of women across the globe, empowered + driven, They are the Balmain Army.

Why Balmain?

Over the last 3 months, more and more of my attention has been focused on Balmain, admittedly due to the media storm since the L’Oreal Collaboration announcement. This media storm simply has not wavered and if anything, has only grown! The more I looked into Oliver Rousteing and the Balmain ideology, the more I recognised that this media storm was the result of a passionate influential individual with a modern vision.  A vision of  powerful  diverse females in the Modern World.  A vision that is impressive, modern + refreshing. 

With this vision, Routeing is pushing the boundaries of the Fashion Industry, who notoriously perceive themselves to be forward-thinking yet operate within ‘traditional’ boundaries.  The cynical amongst us would note that this is an industry to sell + Rousteing certainly sells well. Some may even remark that the Balmain message is simply a part of a new propaganda circuit, a perfectly planned marketing ploy that has been a success.  But would such a superficial notion have managed to propel Balmain to the forefront of attention for the last 4 months? Unlikely.

This modern vision is nothing new to Balmain, if anything it’s voice has only been getting stronger.

The actions + messages of Balmain’s campaigns and collaborations corroborate with Rousteing’s vision that he has expressed since becoming Creative Director.
Finally, recognition from Haute Couture of the modern millennial woman.

La Bonne Vivante

It was this that drew me to the World of Balmain, a Parisian Couture Label that falls in line with my vision of La Bonne Vivante. 

What is the Balmain girl?
​ It’s this….
It’s a woman who knows what she wants and is going to express it.”

Oliver Rousteing

I hope that as you read the next articles, you get a true sense of their authentic voice + maybe even recognise aspects of yourself as said female.

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