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Halloween: A Fruity Twist!
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Halloween: A Fruity Twist!

It is that time of year again! Time for dressing up, trick or treating, and the annual carving of pumpkins into the scariest of faces!

But this year, I wanted to do things just a little bit different!

This year, I thought it was time to introduce my pumpkin to his spikier, scarier and more summery cousin, the pineapple!

In true halloween style I removed his insides and carved in a scary new face, transforming it from a normal pineapple into a terrifying Pine-kin.

For that eerie glow in his eyes, I replaced the traditional tealight for a cluster of birthday candles, burning twice as bright if only for a short while!


So, standing guard outside my door this Halloween evening is not just my pumpkin but also my Pine-kin…

Halloween’s fruity new Frankenstein!

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