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Gifting Indulgent Moments
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Gifting Indulgent Moments

A beautiful marble box with shiny copper tones, carefully prepared and arranged to it’s brim, filled with luxurious items for those little moments of self- Indulgence

What hidden treasures lay inside?

Moments of Self-Indulgence

If there was one thing I could urge you(yes, all of you!) to do,  it is to have moments of self-indulgence.

In the busy, chaotic world we now live in, we can so easily get swept up in the tide. This is brilliant in many ways as we are out there in the world experiencing as much as possible! But, when was the last time you truly did something just for you?

It’s time to call in that favour to yourself

I really do love stealing moments to simply indulge myself, my secret moments allow me to do what ever I want without a single person to bear comment

from snuggling up in bed in a soft throw and watching “Monster-in-Law”, lathering on my favourite facial mask and having a pamper evening,
to nipping into my local Hotel Chocolate cafe to indulge in their caramel hot chocolate…

The best part: I feel recuperated and ready to throw myself back into ‘normal” life!

La Bonne Vivante

An Invite just for you

You are exclusively  invited to an evening of self-indulgence. The itinerary is of your choice, and only your choice. The guest list is strictly limited
& the evening is shrouded in secrecy

Select a time & date preferable for yourself!

Tell me about your own moments of Self-Indulgence!

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