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An Evening with Victoria: The New Fashion Rules Book Launch
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An Evening with Victoria: The New Fashion Rules Book Launch

Join me for an Evening with Victoria Macgrath. Victoria reveals the pivotal moments that transformed fashion history into the current digital fashion era. As always, Victoria gives us a seat INTHEFROW, this time beyond the catwalk trens and into the evolving world of fashion with her new book “the New Fashion Rules.”

Victoria Macgrath, the glamorous lady behind the IN THE FROW brand, has had one spectacular year. Highly educated in her Field & Passionate about Fashion, 
Victoria encapsulates all things#girlboss

Venue: Manchester Central Library

At the beautiful Grade II listed Manchester Central Library.

As I walked towards the grande neo-classical Grade II listed exterior on this Autumnal day, the blue sky began to dim as the slight breeze carried live music to my ears. Stepping inside for a short wander and you will fall in love with the modern renovation juxtaposed against its traditional design. Be sure to admire the ceiling of the Shakespeare hall and the central Wolfson Reading Room. I could not imagine a better location for a book launch!

The Evening had a relaxed atmosphere as Victoria took her time to mingle across the busy room, meeting every single person and taking a genuine interest in each conversation.

The Lady Herself, Victoria

In person, Victoria is so warm and bubbly, almost bouncing with excitement in her heels. She is also as glamorous as on our screens wearing a Victoria Beckham power suit with those golden wonder-woman heels.

I am still in awe at how this lady truly glides across the floor in heels. Her Presence in powerful yet she carries herself so gracefully, she simply glows! Proof that it is never just about fashion, it’s the woman wearing the clothing.


At the end of the evening, I walked away laughing and talking with some fabulous ladies. All of whom had attended by themselves as well, eager to be in the frow fow for Victoria’s new book!

Despite meeting Victoria very early in the evening, we stayed to the very end having far too much fun in our own little group. Here’s to the INTHEFROW Ladies with our own group chat where we are far too excited to find ourselves in Victoria’s vlog. I look forward to our little reunion Emily, Katie, Gemma, Tessa and Emma! (Victoria, we will send you an invitation to be there in spirit!)

The New Fashion Rules Book

Victoria explores the new fashion rules in her book, combining her academic knowledge with her personal experiences to give us a rare insight into the rapidly evolving world of fashion. She dissects and unpicks key moments that are women into the last two decades from exploring the pivotal role of technology on the marketing industry based on her own research and her PhD to weighing the implications of fast fashion on the environment & examining the effects of empowering movements for diversity.

This is an informative read, littered with her own personal anecdotes working at the forefront of the industry. This book is NOT a style guide and even if that is what you were hoping for, I still suggest reading it. It is inspiring, thought provoking and will make you question your relationship with clothing, the fashion industry and your own style.

When asked what her favourite part of creating her book, Victoria replied

“The Design”

This book is beautiful to read with high quality photography and illustrations carefully positioned around her captivating text. It will look gorgeous on your coffee table, but you actually want to spend your evenings reading it!

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