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A Letter to 2018
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A Letter to 2018

LBV reflects on the challenges faced in the last 365 days in a letter to 2018, scattered with memories to treasure.

“2018 has been one hell of year for many of us.

It mights seem like my or anyone else’s life is perfect, but I can assure you that I have faced my share of challenges whilst trying to inspire us to follow our hearts. 

finals exams… car accident…
you name it, it probably happened kind of year

But I am choosing to reflect positively & look back at the lessons…

even if that means joking that I bearly made it out alive & am hobbling to 2019

La Bonne Vivante

Dear 2018,

I cannot deny that you have been one hell of a rollercoaster and to this very day one year ago, I could never have foreseen what was to come. Standing on the edge of this year with the minutes ticking ’til the clock strikes 12, marking your closure, your experiences have changed me.2018 is the year that I chose ME unapologetically . I committed to becoming the best version of me.

2018 showed me how inner drive can pull you through the greatest of challenges.

It’s okay to stumble (trust me there has been plenty of that), but when you rise, rise as a whole damn fire.

​2018, you have taught me so much and at times put me through more than I thought I could endure.

Yet here I standstrongerbraverthan ever before... ready to take on whatever is thrown at me next.

It’s your Story, Choose You!

I learnt how life will not always go to plan (however much you want it too!) and sometimes it’s just not salvageable.  However much this places you in a spin, the cards will land exactly where they ought to. Perfectly. You may not see it now, but with time you will see how they laid out your new path. You may not fully know where it will take you, but follow your heart. You can’t go wrong with something you are passionate about.

The late nights. The textbooks. The days off spent in the clinical skills room. The questioning on the ward rounds. 15 year old Me who started this journey, this one was for YOU.

The greatest lessons …

Look after yourself, eat well and hit the gym when you can.
Self-care is NOT over-indulgence.
​Say YES to new opportunities, we can work out the details later.​
Say NO to everything & anything that disturbs your peace.
Take pride in every step and small achievement. This is NOT Arrogant. You paid in Blood, Sweat & Tears.
Treat yourself along the way, even if its a slice of cake for reading the chapter.

La Bonne Vivante
I LOVE silky pyjamas, bubble baths, face masks and pamper evenings. I love being feminine. It is who I am. I love this part of me. Call me high maintenance. Who cares? I maintain myself. For me.
2018: The Rise of XX

Immerse yourself completely into the world and cherish every moment in this finite and fragile life. 

Stroll along the docks and sit at your favourite bench.
Take the route home with the fairy lights. 
Treat yourself to pudding and laugh through your lunches with your #girlgang.​

Work hard but fall in love with your life.

2018, the uncertainty, the changes in direction, the new challenges gave me no choice but to PUT MYSELF OUT THERE. Change can be frightening. But there comes a point where all that fear can either freeze you or focus you. When you have fallen, failed or ‘broken’, and found the strength to dust yourself off, you will look squarely into the face of your fears. What is the worst they can bring? Or in my case, it was to look into my OSCE examiners eyes and think “I got myself this far, to hell if you think I’m not walking out of here with the score of a Doctor now.”

I have started whole new conversations with people in person and on social media, all of whom are inspiring themselves. I have been surrounded by loved ones and family, discovered the friends who will love me regardless and believe in me always, reunited with the class mates, met the best colleagues and I have been given me the pleasure to know the most wonderful kind, supportive and ambitious ladies. 

2018, there were hills, dips and ​hurdles but I am blessed to have got through it all

Treasured moments in the chaos of life.

As the clock chimes in a new beginning, it’s time to look to the Future.
It’s time to be FIERCE.

©Beyond the White Coat 2021
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