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A Moment of Spontaneity!
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A Moment of Spontaneity!

A moment of spontaneity…

a wish for adventure
an urge for freedom 
a drive to explore, experience & enjoy 

resulted in …
a care-free click of a button
(maybe even an action of insanity to some)


It was the first week of February 2017, otherwise known as the week that the new year drive for change wanes where many fall in to the trap of monotonous days. Tuesday’s ,to many people, are an insignificant day of the week, neither marking the beginning nor end of the working week , or even a glimmer of hope half -way!

Yet, it was on a Tuesday that I found myself in an odd position. I had just left my supervisor’s office mid-afternoon after discussing the project I would be completing in the upcoming 2 week block*  (*time allocated in my timetable away from my usual placement weeks rotating hospitals.)

Whilst many would simply be pleased to discover that there hard work had paid off, and all that was left to do was to edit their piece of writing,  I felt a ​compelling urge to escape…

My work Desk from my Neurology Placement

A yearning to be careless, young & free…

​A feeling so strong I could feel it building on my walk home,
a surge of adrenaline rushing through my veins,
as thoughts ran through my mind that this may be my only opportunity to escape mid-academic year in Medical school

to truly escape…
​​ Far beyond the reaches of Kumar & Clark
(the beloved textbook to medical students)

​For the first time, I wanted to throw myself into thunknown and go with it

Before I knew any better I had called my new-found partner in crime, and threatened to go solo, packed my carry-on without a clue where we would go,
hopped on a train to meet them after work,all with a building excitement for my adventure ahead

No destination in mind. No plans. Nothing.
All I knew was I wanted to explore new territory
discovering a new way of living  & immerse myself in it!

It was in that moment that I wanted to be free from the ties & burdens of being a Doctor in training

to feel alive and
to be living my life in a form truest to ​ my adventurous spirit ready to run wild


With a few clicks of buttons that night, ​I was browsing European mini-breaks…

By Friday, I was swept away, googling how to get to the hotel  on the train to Gatwick Airport, flying through security and then floating amidst the clouds

Your Twenties are for Living

As I watched the city fade away into specks of bright lights,
I already knew I had done the best thing yet in my twenties..

Whilst my passion for Medicine sees me pulling my scrubs on early in the mornings   &  I enjoy my time off with a multitude of things from hot chocolates to ballet, life can get chaotically busy and insular

Why Travel Spontaneously?

Travelling Spontaneously is so much more than just packing your bags and running away…

It allows you to travel without expectation & experience everything first hand yourself. You haven’t heard anything about how quaint a town is or seen a picture of how perfect a building looks, you see it with your own eyes for the first time.

And without expectation, your adventure ultimately leads you to surprise… 
one of life’s greatest pleasures.

My ​whirlwind weekend away has become my fondest memory yet!

Insanity or Spontaneity? 

©Beyond the White Coat 2021
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